Critically evaluate current research and scholarship relating to tourism, hospitality and events.

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3000 word assignment on how current
issues in Tourism, Hospitality and/or Events impact and
organisation/event (Learning outcomes 1- 6) – Report on
an organisation.

1. Demonstrated an advanced knowledge of current issues, debates and practices in tourism, hospitality and events

2. Critically evaluated current research and scholarship relating to tourism,
hospitality and events.

3. Critically evaluated the strategic challenges facing events, hospitality and
tourism organizations.


4. Demonstrated the ability to communicate concepts and analysis orally as well
as in written form

5. Demonstrated the ability to analyze, synthesize and diagnose issues and opportunities in tourism, hospitality and events.

6. Reflected critically on the relationship between theory and practice in
tourism, hospitality and events.

You are required to write a report on how current challenges, trends,
issues, practices in tourism, hospitality, catering and events influence a
tourism/hospitality/catering/event organisation or festival/event of your
choice. You may want to examine a public organisation or a private
organisation; you can also choose an event or a festival. The organization can be in the UK or in your home country.(SAUDI ARABIA)

The report must be word processed and correctly referenced. MY name
should be printed on the front of the report. The word limit is 3000 words
(excluding references and any appendices). Please include the word count at the end of the assignment.
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