Critically discuss why colleague retention is important to Asda

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Q1) Answer all case study analysis questions.

1. How did Asda’s recruitment and training strategies align with company mission? Analyze the stages involved in the recruitments process
Explain your answer. (ONE PAGE ANSWER)

2. Evaluate why placing new colleagues into a specific training plan for their role helps Asda to ensure that their recruitments process is effective. Justify your answer (ONE PAGE ANSWER)

3. Discuss the differences between training and development. Why might both be needed? (HAIF PAGE ANSWER)

4. Use the ASDA colleagues’ profiles to analyses why training and development adds value to the business (HAIF PAGE ANSWER)

5. Evaluate the various methods that ASDA uses in its training and development programme. Judge why it uses so many, giving reasons for your answers. (HAIF PAGE ANSWER)

6. Critically discuss why colleague retention is important to Asda (HAIF PAGE ANSWER)

Make sure to answer the equations in general shortly then link it to the case study .. i will upload the case study

Q2) Short scenario

Areas in need of performance improvement, such as better customer service and more sales, can be easily identified as training goals. Based on your experience and/ADDIE theory how would you recommend a training program be developed based on these goals?

1. Write 3 clear, measureable objectives for the training to be deliver to the employees in the customer group (ONE PAGE ANSWER)

2. Review results from a training needs assessments (learning objectives) and design a detailed training plan to address the needs. Develop a 3 training techniques or methods that should be used and the length of training (ONE PAGE ANSWER)

3. Using Kirpatrick model offer a plan for evaluating the training program. Describe the criteria that will be used and the design you will employ. (ONE PAGE ANSWER)

I will upload more material that my help
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