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integrates what you have learned about Marketing while in China. To structure this paper, you may want to utilize some of the textbook chapters as topics. For example, Chapter 5 deals Consumer Behavior; so you could write about the differences and similarities between China and the US in terms of consumer behavior. Chapter 8 deals with Marketing Research; you could write about how marketing research is different in China versus the US. And so on. The paper should be at least 20 pages, double spaced.
Talk about the differences of Chinese and American Marketing.

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This May 8 to May 24. I attended a study abroad program called \”marketing in China\”. We had 7 Americans 7 Chinese 3 other nation\’s students in our team. We visited Beijing, Xi\’An, Shanghai and Hong Kong. We took a lot of business tours in different company.
Structure of paper:
Position (Chinese student, have family silk store in SuZhou, China)
– Chinese Policy helped Multinational Companies survival in China. Companies that should be talked in paper: Dow Chemical in Shanghai, Amway in Beijing. These two companies are both successful in China because of Chinese policies\’ help. The managers told us that Chinese government helps them to run their business in China.
– the imperfect Chinese policy system influence the consumer behavior and market circumstance
A case that need to be mentioned is HongQiao Market in Beijing. this is a market that sells fake products. A lot of American students learned how to bargain in that market. One of my friend buy 5 fake silk clothes for 2400 yuan, which is really ridiculous. However, when I argue with the store keeper, they said \” this is a free trade, I refuse to return.\” Since the imperfect law system in China, counterfeit and shoddy products are very common in China. Bargaining become a important skill that consumers need to learn
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