Synthesize an instructional method for teaching a concept for a strand.

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Synthesize an instructional method for teaching a concept for a strand. Your papers should be in the paragraph format.
The whole paper should be discussing about how to teach \” representation of an inequality that models a real-world situation”

Mathematical Concept: Representation of an inequality that models a real-world situation

1. Identify a {mathematical concept} from the list above. If you choose “compare fractions”, you will not have to do “compare relative size of integers.”
2. Identify the Common Core State Mathematics Standard for the {mathematical concept} chosen in (1). If you prefer you can choose a standard from a state of your choice.
3. Identify and explain at least one strategy to teach the concept (This must come from the textbook, scholarly articles such as peer-reviewed articles or practitioner journals. Provided an example of how teachers can use the strategy with students.
4. You must include a scholarly article, published in a journal. Teaching Children Mathematics is a recommended journal. (See a document in this folder to see how you can find an article, Click Here to read information about how to find an article). You can also use as a search engine.
5. Identify and explain the manipulative that you will use to teach {the mathematical concept}. – Example of manipulatives are the ones coming from your NASCO Manipulative box (You can use other manipulatives )
6. Identify and explain a physical model, game, or a technology that you can use to teach the {mathematical concept}.

Format & Quality of Writing : Your paper should have 1-inch margins, Microsoft Serif or Times New Roman 12-point font, and double spacing in paragraph format. The paper should be at least 2 pages long, excluding the cover page and reference page. It can be longer than 2 pages if pictures or figures are included. References: This is the last page of the document and it must follow APA Format
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