Explain the Role of the Shareholders’ Agreement in M&A Transactions.

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The topic of Dissertation is Shareholders’ Agreement from Negotiating Key Provisions to Implementing in Day to Day Activity.
Sections to be elaborated:
Role of the Shareholders’ Agreement in M&A Transactions.
Importance of the Shareholders’ Agreement in Corporate Governance.
Implementation of the Shareholders’ Agreement in Joint Ventures governed by Shareholders based in different jurisdictions.
The above Sections are mandatory in terms of their spirit but could be changed in terms of form. The writer shall add other Sections and Sub-Sections, which are relevant to the topic of discussion.
When writing the Dissertation please mind the Dissertation abstract attached so that to speculate on the topic based on the concept, key goals and purpose outlined in the abstract. Please also pay attention to Company Structure (enclosed)
Attached are the materials, which might be of help. Reference to any of the sources outlined in the Reading Lists attached is not MUST but is highly recommended to be used.
Goals set out in the Dissertation must be well-defined and achievable, methodologies, theories, reasoning and conclusions must be valid and aligned to one another. Any kind of plagiarism is strictly prohibited. When citing it is very vital to follow the OSCOLA instructions attached, as long as any inaccurate reference could result in low mark.
Please make reference to any relevant US laws, regulations, articles and court cases, etc., so that to explore the topic of discussion in full.
In the Dissertation the writer may, for instance propose various options to solve the deadlock issues. When proposing for instance the “Russian roulette” or “Texas shootout” please produce solid grounds to choose this or another option given that the shareholders of the Shareholders’ Agreement are based in different jurisdiction. Thus, the option should suit each party to the Shareholders’’ Agreement.
It might happen that after having comments from tutor the Dissertation should be changed a bit and/or polished.
Attached please see the samples showing how the Dissertation should be structured.
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