Explain The impact of air disasters on airline passengers behaviour in Europe.

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I would like to divide this work to be 3 parts;

Firstly, I\’d like you to create each question in the questionnaire first because it must be approved by my supervisor so you should finish the questionnaire as fast as possible in case that my supervisor want to change or improve some of them. This means that if the supervisor doesn\’t approve our questionnaire, we can not do the other following parts.

Secondly, I would like you to make up the questionnaire results in order to use them in analyzing part. So, in this part, I would like you to finish analyzing part and then I am going to send it to my supervisor for checking this part.

Finally, After we do all things, including create questionnaire, analyzing our work and check them with my supervisor. This part, I would like you to write the final report but it should be earlier than deadline a bit becuase I would like to send the final writing to get my supervisor suggestions about bettering it.

To sum up, the process of doing project; create questions -> check them with my supervisor -> (if the questions are approved) do analyzing parts -> check the analyzing part with my supervisor -> (if it is alright) write the final report -> check all parts in final report with my supervisor until it is good.
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