Explain Can tax cuts save the global economy?

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1. We are looking for a critical analysis. Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make
is submitting a writing assignment that is largely a summary of the assigned
2. Depth is preferred to breadth. The student providing a strong analysis of two
relevant points will earn much higher marks than the student identifying a number
of points without fully analyzing any of them.1
3. We define critical rather broadly. It is certainly possible to write an excellent
critical analysis in which you agree with the author of the article. Likewise, you
should not feel shy about disagreeing with an author. In either case, the strength
of your analysis will depend on your ability to thoughtfully apply ECO200 tools.
4. You must submit your assignment on both the BB Portal and Turnitin.com. See
below for logistics of how to do so. Don’t be late – there are penalties!
5. You earn bonus marks for attending the writing tutorial.
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