Discuss Racial Biases in the Criminal Justice System Lead to Police Brutality

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Choose one of the main themes/influence of Ta-Nehisi Coate\’s Between the World and Me that explores the representation, meaning, and significance of this theme/influence and how it relates to the overall aim of the book.

I chose the theme of police brutality and racial bias, specifically on African-Americans such as Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin. I would like to incorporate the cases of all three of them into the paper.

Ta-Nehisi Coate\’s Between the World and Me must be the primary source and there needs to be a minimum of 3 secondary sources. One must be a peer-reviewed article and the other two can be a peer-reviewed article or book chapters.

The paper must aim to do three things:
1. Trace the theme through carefully selecting examples from Between the World and Me and discuess the depiction, meaning, and significance.
2. Discuss the meaning and signifiance of the theme on its own terms.
3. Explain what this theme has to do with the overall goals of the book.
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