Topic: The Role of Policy Regulations and Financial Investments in Climate Sustainability: Can Policy Regulations and Financial investments lead to a Green economy in the UK?

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This Chapter should give an overview of the methodology of the research which are: document analysis and case study. A qualitative research method is employed. This section should also provide a justification for the choice of methodology and discuss the relevant public policy theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks for analysing the research findings. Since the topic is a broad research area, it provides conceptual understanding of why the research is important by discussing public policy theories like agenda-setting, policy implications, rational choice theory, policy implementation approaches and policy transfer and how these are linked with the research topic and analysis on the empirical evidence of the research since one objective of the research is the likely replication of the model of green financing to other developed and developing countries aiming to transform their development patterns. Limitation of the methodology employed will also be discussed for exploring future research. This chapter will end with a summary of the key themes discussed.
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