Provide half a page summary of one of the following: The Florida Bar Standing Committee on Advertising

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Paper #4 – Provide half a page summary of one of the following:

The Florida Bar Standing Committee on Advertising – Guidelines for Networking Sites
“Understanding Social Media Evidence” by Peter Vogel

“Social Media Networking for Lawyers: 10 Reasons to Use Google” by Denise Howell
Select one article (total) from one of the above and review

Legal Technologies and Wills, Trusts and Estate Class – ON LINE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS – Answer each of the following questions.

1. Which is a better method for protecting personal privacy on the Internet: government regulation or industry self-regulation? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

2. Courts currently recognize several privileges such as the attorney-client privilege and the physician-patient privilege. Would you support legislation that recognized a privilege in Internet search queries to prevent discoverability and admissibility in legal proceedings? Would you support any exceptions to the privilege?

3. The order of payment under Florida Statute §733.707 provides that costs, expenses of administration and compensation shall have a first priority with respect to the payment of same (Class 1) before the payment of Class 2 expenses which are defined as reasonable funeral, interment and grave marker expenses not to exceed the aggregate of $6,000.00. Do you agree with this order of payment? Why or why not?

4. A form 706 for federal estate taxes is not usually prepared by a paralegal. Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea? Do you think that a paralegal can prepare the return and provide a savings which can be passed on to the client? Why or why not?

5. Florida law provides that a personal representative can execute an Affidavit of No Florida Estate Tax Due (Form DR-312) to indicate to the court that there is no lien on the probate estate for federal or state estate taxes. Should the court be able to rely on this document which is not verified by an accountant or other authority? Why or why not?
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