What would Terrie Moffitt have to say about selective incarceration of habitual criminals? What would be the basis of their argument and what treatment programs (if any) would they recommend for these offenders?

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CRJU 5323 Midterm Exam
Summer 2014

Here is your midterm exam. Do not exceed the page length or I will not grade the answer. There will be no exceptions to this requirement.

Use Times New Roman and 12 font character size with all of your responses.

NOTE: When returning your answers save them all together as one word file. PLEASE DO NOT SEND QUESTIONS INDIVIDUALLY BUT COMPILE THEM INTO ONE DOCUMENT. Save your Microsoft Word document by using your last name, the course, and the assignment (all capitalized). An example follows below:


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1. What would Terrie Moffitt have to say about selective incarceration of habitual criminals? What would be the basis of their argument and what treatment programs (if any) would they recommend for these offenders?

What would Dr. Moffitt say about juvenile delinquents and the potential treatment programs (if any) that should be recommended for both hardcore and minor offenders?

What would this same theorist say about “at-risk” youth in preschool and early elementary school and what types of treatment considerations would likely be given to children in this age-range to prevent potential criminality in their later years?

Lastly, explain how longitudinal research could assess the validity of these programs in their ability to detect likely career criminals and in their ability to reduce the number of habitual offenders in America’s future prison systems

2. Summarize the research on the relationship between delinquency and any one of the following: a) gender; b) psychometric intelligence; c) family background and parental disciplinary practices

3. Design a study that tests the ability of Social Learning theory to aid in reforming offenders. Be sure to use the classical experimental design, clearly state your independent and dependent variables, and explain how you will collect data to determine the effectiveness of your program. Be sure to tell me the specific type of data that you will collect (i.e. nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio) and how this might affect your overall study.

4. First, describe the process of operant conditioning and give an example of how criminal behavior is acquired. Be sure to go into detail in explaining operant conditioning, include in your answer a discussion on reinforcement (positive and negative), punishment, and extinction. Next, explain the difference between differential association theory and differential association-reinforcement theory.

5. What physiological factors have been associated with aggression? Explain in detail. Next, discuss factors that account for gender differences in aggression? Cite relevant research findings. In addition, briefly describe the various environmental factors that influence aggression. Lastly, explain the difference between each of the following: overt and covert acts of aggression; cognitive scripts model and hostile attribution model; reactive and proactive aggression.

The two text books that are being used in this course are:

Bartol, C. R. & Bartol, A. M. (2012). Criminal Behavior (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

2) Holmes, R. T. & Holmes S. T. (2009). Profiling Violent Crimes (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.
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