Topic: How does a healthcare worker (nurse) use emotional intelligence to communicate with a person receiving care in a healthcare setting?

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Topic is \’how does a healthcare worker use emotional intelligence to communicate with people receiving care in a healthcare setting?\’. So basically, given the degree is nursing, the health care worker should be a nurse and the person receiving care, a patient. The healthcare setting should be a busy fast-paced hospital ward or general hospital ward setting. It needs to be high quality and academic using approximately 15-20 references with everything referenced. Referencing should be Australian Harvard with most up to date rules. Reference list should contain all sources used as in-text references. All sources must be peer-reviewed, high quality sources such as academic journal articles and books published between 2005-2016 only with the exception of Daniel Golemans work (popularisation of emotional intelligence) and that of Mayer and Salovey as they were the pioneers to the concept of emotional intelligence. Essay must answer and address the question clearly. Writer/s must adhere to the following criteria:
The discussion is to be in essay structure with introduction, body and conclusion. The content of the essay must be supported with scholarly references to current journal material.
• Discussion is specific to emotional intelligence, with this concept clearly defined and explained
• Information is relevant, comprehensive and answers the question
• Clear definitions as to key terms
• Discussion is specific to a health care context
• Generalisations qualified when appropriate, no abbreviations, contractions or colloquialisms used
• Appropriate use of paragraphing to advance argument, logical flow of ideas, appropriate introduction and conclusion
• Appropriate quality of material selected
• Appropriate quantity of material selected
• Accurate and smooth integration of literature into answer

The to four quality references per paragraph (IN-TEXT referencing using page numbers as well).

Paragraphs must link to one another.

Must be written with exceptional english writing skills (Australian English spelling, not American spelling).

For emotional intelligence – please us the 5 component model including self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social-awareness.

Thank you.

\”I forgot to put in the criteria that the essay needs to focus on how emotional intelligence helps communication with patients which leads to a popular topic in nursing currently which is patient-centred care. I have also added some journal articles that the writer/s may find useful. I can not stress enough that the questions must be addressed and answered. Thank you so much. Would you be able to send me up to date drafts as you go please so I can provide feedback on where the essay is heading. \”
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