discuss the major challenges that face Egyptian economy, and the need to boost SMEs in Egypt.

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Research Topic: SMEs in Egypt: Characteristics, Obstacles, and Solutions
The research will be divided as follows:
Abstract: half page
Introduction: 3 pages
The introduction will discuss the major challenges that face Egyptian economy, and the need to boost SMEs in Egypt.
Importance of SMEs in Egypt: 5 pages
This part will discuss the important role that SMEs paly in the economic development and growth in Egypt. This part must be supported by some recent and updated economic figures such as the contribution of SMEs to GDP; contribution of SMEs to employment; % of private sector, etc.
This part also needs to show the most important characteristics of SMEs in Egypt.
Key Obstacles to MSEs in Egypt: 5 pages
This part must identify key obstacles and challenges to SMEs development in Egypt.
Strategies to Support SMEs in Egypt: 5 pages
Based on the above, this part must propose strategies for SMEs expansion in Egypt (e.g. macroeconomic and regulatory environment, etc).
Conclusions: one and half page
This part must conclude the paper. Conclusions must be valuable and very clear.
This part must include all articles mentioned in the paper, following Harvard Style.
Important Notes:
This research paper very specialized and needs a writer who has Ph.D. degree in economics. He/she must be expert in this area.
The writer must use most recent articles published in outstanding and reputable journals. Depending on books are not accepted.
The writer must use studies and publications of international organizations such as World Bank and its associated bodies.
The paper that does not comply with these guides will not be accepted or tolerated.
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