Define the term euthanasia. Is this different from Physician assisted death?

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Discussion Forum Question – Topic (Physician Assisted Death / End of Life Decisions)
1. Define the term euthanasia. Is this different from Physician assisted death?
2. After reviewing the safeguards and guidelines (in the course texts) for a policy of Assisted Death, state your personal position on this very controversial issue.
3. Physician Assisted Death is now legal in only 5 states, if this becomes legal in the entire United States, what types of challenges might you face as a health care provider?
4. From an ethical standpoint, how can the physician respect the patient’s wishes and still maintain an ethical practice of medicine?
Please use two references. One reference should be from the book and another reference from the internet
Book reference: Health Care Ethics Critical Issues for the 21st century Third Edition by Eileen Morrison and Beth Furlong
This should be written in paragraph form
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