Write a Scholarship essay(300 words) for Masters in International Business at HULT Business school London

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Dear Writer,

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I want to write a scholarship for HULT business school London. They are asking me to write 300 words. Actually I applied for Masters in International Business at HULT Business school and they gave me an offer and they told me that its possible yo get a scholarship if I write a good essay. The requirements are in this link :

“Scholarships are available to all students and are listed on the website under “admissions and fees” – https://www.hult.edu/en/masters-degree/master-of-international-business/admissions-and-fees/scholarships/

To apply, you need to write one scholarship essay on one of the topics listed and send it to me.”

I Uploaded my CV to you and my Personal statement to know everything about myself , my career…

To sum up, I am a final year student doing Bsc Economics, Finance and Management at Queen Mary, University of London. I speak fluently 3 languages: French Arabic and English. And I am intermediate in Spanish. I was helping 1st and 2nd year students at Queen mary with their CW , homework etc ( volunteering) . Anyway you will find more details about my academic studies : Foundation year, University in France etc and also my internship ( Insurance company: family business)

Thank you very much,
Please email me if you have any question.
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