What are the purposes of the body rituals of the Nacirema according to Miner?

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These 3 pages are part of a course work, use 1 page to answer each set of questions, the 1st set of question is based on a short writing the other 2 sets are based on 2 documentaries.
the writing is available online and will be uploaded, also links to the 2 documentaries.

* Based on the Writing \”Body Rituals of the Nacirema\” by Horace Miner, answer the following in 1 page

1) Who are the Nacirema?
2) What are the purposes of the body rituals of the Nacirema according to Miner?
3) What is a ritual and how does it differ from a habit or custom?
4) Some would say that Miner’s analysis makes them seem mysterious and irrational. What in his writing does this?
5) How was language used in this article?

Note: I\’m sure a professional writer would notice or already know that in the writing author, Horace Miner is actual describing American rituals from an outsider\’s point of view. NACIREMA IS AMERICA SPELLED BACKWARDS.

2)*Based on the Documentary \”A Class Divided\”, answer the following in 1 page

http://topdocumentaryfilms. com/a-class-divided/
The full experiment is from 3:42-18:00 which is what you will need to answer the questions

1-How did the use of language affect the children’s perceptions of themselves and of their classmates?
2-What were some of the effects on the children’s behavior in both groups throughout the role reversals?
3-What does this experiment teach us about the social construct of racism and the use of language to enforce discrimination?

3)*Base on the Documentary \”Ghost of Abu Ghraib\”, answer the following in 1 page


1. Indicate three separate instances in which Euphemistic language was used and for what purpose.
2. Indicate three separate instances in which Emotive language was used and for what purpose.

{Be DETAILED in your responses, giving as much supporting evidence as possible!}

IMPORTANT :punctuation, grammar, no unnecessary spaces throughout the paper, PAPER SHOULD BE TYPED TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12 POINT FONT, DOUBLE SPACES, 1\” MARGINS AND JUSTIFIED, AGAIN JUSTIFIED!


Quotes(from the provided material i.e the writing and the 2 documentaries no outside sources) CAN be used to support the answers correctly formatted Work Cited page,no Plagiarism: word for word, paraphrasing or summation without proper citation.
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