How Humanity in the Workplace Benefits the Organisation?

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I choose you as my write as I received a good mark. I am very thankful. Hope I can get better for this dissertation. There are two ways of doing this research, first is continue with Virgin Group, however I found it difficult to conduct due to their privacy policy. Second option is likely suitable for us and I prefer this more, as you may ask your colleagues or 20-30 people outside. However, therefore, methodology should be changed. So, here what my supervisor suggestion:

1 Submit electronic copy of updated ethics check-list with accompanying documents [briefing paper and consent form] as previously discussed.
2 Update research questionnaire with qualifying conditions to ensure that research is conducted with people within intended research population.
3 Start research and interview up to 20 [or more if available] qualified people.
4 Complete Research methodology chapter including data collection/analysis chapters and write Findings and Conclusions chapters.
5 Write up meeting diary.

My supervisor does not want my research to be complicated, and added that 6-7 coding can be used. Also, he suggests that existing framework can be used or you can create some. In addition, he advice me to look at Nigel King, Saunders and Lewis \”Doing research in business and management\’\’ works and as well as Saldana\’s \”Introduction to Coding\”.

Finally, I will upload files that will help to complete this paper. Also, I would like you to follow my writing style and use good references.

I already have 2400 words, plus literature review from another writer, but you may use it or not. It is up to you. However, I need a dissertation of 8000 words in total. Hope you can make it.
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