Explain the role of mri diagnosis prostate cancer

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file for structure is attached.
Please, please follow this exact structure and info for this research project. It is a literature review about the role of MRI(SEE AIMS). BEFORE STARTING, please read the Five documents, 2 of them are very important articles contain valuable information about the the topic of research. The other are samples for same research that I want you write about it. Please refer to the pages that I selected explained in the title of each document. TRY TO USE THE ORGINAL ARTICLES FOR CITATIONS EITHER FROM SAMPLES OR ARTICLES. PLEASE PLEASE CITE, REFERENCE, PARAPHRASE ACCURATELY 100%. This because the supervisor is very tricky and he is familiar with all information and references in this topic so do not put me in risk as I have to do a power point presentation from the same info you will provide. All the outline points are available in the attachment so try to do your best to provide high quality writing, citations, paraphrasing. I have then provided everything for you if you cannot do please do not start. This is the main subject for this term and please take it into your considerations and high quality is really needed by Thursday morning. Please do not use information from any websites, everything in the samples and articles and you can expand the references count from there. Do not use any content without citations or references sorry for that but it is very important to inform you about it. Finally, please no no similarity wanted as well.

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