create a database of researchers of free zones and institutes that do research in free zones (worldwide

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Hello Lateifa,
> Here is an assignment you can help with since I am not submitting the grades until Thursday inshallah.
> Instructions:
> Do your best to create a database of researchers of free zones and institutes that do research in free zones (worldwide). So create a table that lists institutes, their location, web addresses, research subjects and so on. Another list for prominent researchers who have a lot of research on the topic. For this list, include for each researcher what institution (university) or organization they work for, topics of research they study that is related to free zones (international economics, region of interest is China, etc) and their email addresses.
> Since another student had to do this I attached the work that she has done and what you can do is simply add to it.
> The way I helped her organize it was like this: In the first column, you will list the name of the (individual) researcher or organization that studies free zones; the second column should include which countries or areas are studied by the organization/researcher; the third column should include the research topics usually studied by the organization/researcher; the fourth column should include the location of the organization/researcher; the fifth column should include the website of the organization or email of the researcher.
> If you want to ask me more questions, you are more than welcome to do so. The main idea is to create a database so that if anyone has a question, they can refer to this database and say, we should call this number or visit this website or email this particular researcher.
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