Critically evaluate the relationships between project maturity and project management. What steps can be taken to improve the financial performance of projects at Dorsch Gruppe?

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NOTE; Before you start reading about the assignment you must have the right knowledge & background in Project Management & also you need a good Management skills ,to tackle the work its very important otherwise no point to try .

The assignment is report about Mature Project Management at Borsch Gruppe company. It consists of 3 parts together (3000 words ) all parts must be covered according to the assignment instructions as requested in the module guide and making criteria , below just a brief about the assignment but for full details you need to read all the uploaded files in deep details i also uploaded a simple report as an example to help you in writing the paper your report must have the same structure and must cover all the points as in the simple Guide report check the brief below :

Assignment Questions

In your role of the Chief Project Planning Manager you are required to develop a report (including academic references), structured along the following lines:

Part A – General overview (60%) – approx. 2,500 words
Critically evaluate the relationships between project maturity and project management. What steps can be taken to improve the financial performance of projects at Dorsch Gruppe? What are the key strengths of project maturity? What are the key measures and tactics to implement a new project maturity approach? How can projects be classified in terms of project maturity? How can low performing projects be improved?

Part B – Project Planning (20%) – Gantt Chart report (added explanations approx. 250 words)
Given the importance of your report, develop a one-page project plan in Gantt chart form. The chart should clearly indicate the critical tasks and the planned end date but ignore progress and resources at this point.
You need to create two variants:
First, for a 4 month duration. Include the 4 month Gantt chart as appendix Part B.1.
Secondly, suggest any tactical options to reduce the project duration to 2.5 months as you have heard rumours that your report might be required with urgency at an earlier date. Update your planning and include the 2.5 months Gantt chart as Appendix Part B.2.

Part C – Budget creation (20%) – Excel report and approx. 250 words of added explanation
First task:
Assuming that the project will run perfectly to the schedule outlined by you in Part B.1 with all contract personnel working as defined on the tasks indicated, generate an overall budget planning for your report. Include the 2 secretaries and 2 consultants, accommodation costs at £650 per week inclusive, your own salary at £ 4,250 p.c.m. (per current month), all new PC hardware (total fixed cost: £11,000) and project planning software (total fixed cost: £12,000), and total miscellaneous fixed costs of £22,000. Create budget positions for meetings, travel costs and other activities at your discretion within the overall budget limit. You can include a web site for explaining your project and project maturity, and also for training of the teams with the new project maturity techniques.
Show all calculations and totals via suitable report formats. Include as Appendix C.1.

Second task:
The agreed total project budget for your report is £225,000. When you discuss this budget on your first day with the Chief Financial Officer (CF), he is not happy. He requires that you prepare an alternative where total costs are only £175,000. Show all calculations and totals via suitable report formats, and include as Appendix C.2.

Maylor, H. (2010) Project Management. 4th edition. Pearson Education : Harlow, Essex/UK.

Note that the total word count for all elements must not exceed 3,000 words. For details regarding the word limit (e.g. exclusion of tables) please refer to the Academic Regulations.

Part A – General project management and overview
Analysis of project structures
Suggested measures
Discussion of key weaknesses
Remedial steps to be taken
Harvard Referencing( must be very accutre)
Overall structure of the report
Part B – Project Planning and Progress Management
Part C – Project budget creation and management

If you should want to know anything about the assignment feel free to message me any time.

Thank you for your understanding
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