Using examples from current journalism, describe and illustrate the creative use of derivation all morphology in today\’s English.

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I have a few directions to give
– the referencing style we use is the Harvard one. I would need about 5 references.
– the essay is supposed to be 1500 words long but my lecturers know I always do a bit less, 1375 ( referencing not included) is perfect
– this point is very important: I would need you to send me in about 6 hours from now half of the essay, I am overwhelmed with essays and a close relative wants proof that I am writing my essay as well
-plagiarism is taken very seriously in the uk, Please please make sure this doesn\’t happen
– the topic is pretty broad so you are allowed to get as creative as you want, choose any data that you like, however the argument needs to be clear
– you will need to show data, therefore it needs to obtain lists or tables or charts that are explained. Feel free to give me a call if you need anything or if you are unsure of something, I can tell you what directions can be skipped to make it easier for you

Thank you so much for your help, I hope that you\’ll enjoy writing it as I did want to do it myself, and I really hope this will be good.
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