explore how to generate keywords to use as you search for sources for your research question.

As mentioned previously, at the end of this course, you will create an annotated bibliography on a topic within your major field of study. This week, you will begin to explore how to generate keywords to use as you search for sources for your research question. Review the video () and reflect on the videos listed in the “Scholarly Versus Popular Sources” discussion forum. A full list of the tutorials you need to view this week can be located in the Weekly Overview. Once you have established your keywords you will use them to locate scholarly articles in the Ashford University Library that may contribute to your Final Paper in Week Five.Now that you have been introduced to the Ashford University Library and have an idea how to come up with keywords to conduct searches in the databases, it is time to practice! Your research topic and question should be established, so now is the perfect time to begin brainstorming your list of keywords and searching for articles in the Ashford University Library. As you have learned by watching this week’s tutorials, it is important to pull keywords from your research question and also generate a list of synonyms.Use the to complete the assignment. Save this document to your computer in an easy-to-find location. Complete the worksheet as directed, saving your progress as you go.View the to guide you as you complete this assignment.Before submitting your Generating Search Terms Worksheet, be sure that you have included all of the necessary information in the worksheet.

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