Write the comparison of organisational restructuring of Sony Corporation with the far more successful change programme at Siemens.

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In January 2016 investors in the Japanese group Sony Corporation were
pleasantly surprised by the news of a 33% increase to $997 million in
quarterly profits. The message from chief executive Kazuo Hirai
credited the latest James Bond film for boosting sales of PlayStation 4
consoles plus record-breaking sales of the latest album from Adele. The
improved results were said to reflect the restructuring of Sony towards
gaming and entertainment following its move away from consumer
electronics and smartphones.
Compare the earlier organisational restructuring of Sony Corporation
that is featured in this module with the far more successful change
programme at Siemens.

This assignment asks you to make a comparison of two case studies that you have
studied as part of the course. You do not need to do further research on the companies
or to investigate the current developments; you should write your assignment based
on your understanding of these case materials.
To make your analysis you should use the frameworks provided in your course reader
and in the textbook by Hill, Chapter 14.
You should analyse the companies’ strategies with reference to:
 Organisational architecture (structure, process and incentives);
 Strategy and architecture;
 Structure and global competitiveness;
 Centralisation versus decentralisation;
 Structural solutions and business problems
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