[Identify the stakeholders for ensuring security, prevention, and risk management.: Threat assessment

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You have been tasked to comprise a comprehensive analysis of all potential threats and vulnerabilities at the Richmond International Airport. This assessment should be conducted without consideration to, or analysis of, existing measures. This is your personal assessment based on your knowledge gained from the information in this course and any outside sources you locate (scholarly, governmental, or academic).
Make sure that you thoroughly review the website https://www.flyrichmond.com, as it provides significant information about the airport including a building plan, services, and map links. Note that south of the terminal building (at bottom of the screen on the Google map) is a cargo area for FedEx, etc. Make sure that assets such as these are included in your assessment. Consideration should be given to infrastructure impact at various levels.
Prepare a formal report on your findings. The report should follow strict APA guidelines and at least 5 sources must be properly cited. This report will include a qualitative analysis. As such, separate spreadsheets must be developed for the threats and vulnerabilities respectively. All resource elements should be presented and discussed.

The outline of the report must include at a minimum:
• Introduction
[Provide a brief introduction outlining the purpose and scope of this report.]
• Security Stakeholders
[Identify the stakeholders for ensuring security, prevention, and risk management. Discuss interdependences, relationships, and legal requirements.]
• Descriptions of Assessments
• Threat Assessment
[Present the all identified threats and hazards. Explain the threat(s) listing all potentially affected resources. Organize threats as natural, accidental, and intentional or malicious.]
• Vulnerability Assessment
[Discuss the identified vulnerabilities. Use the following potential impact categories: Catastrophic, Critical, Limited, Minor, and Negligible. Develop appropriate definitions for each category. Similarly, definitions should be developed for the likelihood of occurrence using the following options: Highly Likely, Likely, Possible, Unlikely, and Remote/Rare. Do not assign weights or probabilities to each category. This will be addressed in the Part 2.]
• Summary
Summarize your findings. Do not make recommendations (this will be included in Part 2).
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