Explain rationale for migrating to ICD-10 from a disease reporting perspective

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The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision (ICD-10) is owned and published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is used by nearly all countries except the United States. The United States adopted the ICD-10 classification for documenting mortality in 1999, but still uses the earlier ICD-9 system for all other purposes. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid announced that they will adopt the ICD-10 classification on October 1, 2013. Search the Internet for information on ICD-9 and ICD-10 classifications, such as can be found at WHO ICD-10 Classification. Compose 3 pages written in paragraphs on the following: 1. First Paragraph (4 sentences): Write 1 introduction paragraph. 2. Second Paragraph (4 sentences or more): Identify the differences between the ICD-9 and ICD-10 classifications. 3. Third Paragraph (4 sentences or more): Address the impact of the ICD-10 migration to the medical community. 4. Fourth Paragraph (4 sentences or more): Explain rationale for migrating to ICD-10 from a disease reporting perspective. 5. Fifth Paragraph (4 sentences or more): Identify problems when classifications co-exist. 6. Sixth Paragraph (4 sentences or more): Identify 1 potential obstacle to conversion to ICD-10 and how it can be overcome. 7. Seventh Paragraph (4 sentences or more): Identify the benefits that Web 2.0 brings to the ICD-11 initiative. 8. Eighth Paragraph (4 sentences): Write 1 concluding paragraph. Note: Answer in your own words or paraphrase your work. You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can add additional references. WHO ICD-10 Classification link: https://www.who.int/classifications/icd/en/
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