evaluate the effectiveness of school-based programs in the prevention and management of childhood obesity)

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You will conduct a research project by critically examining and applying the principles and practice of Public Health; which may include a critical review of existing literature or existing data. You will present the project in a style and quality appropriate to a research report.

You will be required to critically appraise the relevant literature and conduct a systematic investigation in order to improve the current understanding of your chosen topic and inform your professional practice

Knowledge and Understanding:
Successful students will typically:
• Source and critically interpret different sources of information (literature, clinical data, interview/questionnaire responses, etc) that contribute to existing knowledge on the selected topic.
• Apply methods for analysing information and data appropriate to the hypotheses/questions, associated with the selected topic and the aim of the project.
• Discuss and/or challenge subject related theory, models and opinions.
• Present the findings of the project in a style and quality appropriate to a research report.
• Draw conclusions within the context of existing, published materials, including the wider implications of the project and identify possible avenues for future study.

Skills and Attributes:
Successful students will typically:
• Plan and carry out a research investigation.
• Gather, analyse and interpret information and data obtained during a research investigation.
• Present, justify and defend the findings and implications of the research in the form of a project report.
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