discuss about mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution in both children’s matters and property cases.

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I am going to write a research essay in 7500 words about Family Law in Australia. The topic is about the Mediation as a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution in dealing cases. Using the ‘feminist’ and ‘in the shadow of the law’ to analyze. This thesis proposal is about this research essay.

My view of this topic is that mediation really help women a lot, however we should still develop ways of protecting women and their interests in the mediation environment. In these proposal, please help me develop my view of these topic.

The topic I wil upload it in attachments. You can check that.

This thesis proposal is about Family Law in Australia. It discuss about mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution in both children’s matters and property cases. Whether the mediation could lead women generally have fewer resources and less bargaining power than men. It should use feminist to analyze the mediation in dealing with the children’s matters and property cases.

The format of the proposal is different with other proposal. This proposal should consist with 3 important parts. The first part is ‘Aims of Thesis’. We should bullet the main aims of the thesis; the second part is ‘Reasons for the Inquiry’. In this part we should discuss why we inquiry this topic; the third part is ‘Issues for Discuss’. In this part, we should list the issues we are going to talk about in the further research essay. I will upload an example thesis proposal in the attachment. It calls ‘ example-thesis-proposal’. You can follow the format like that.

There will be some relevant articles uploaded in the attachments. I think these articles will help a lot. I will also upload a file called ‘reading guide’ list some useful books, websites and relevant statutory. All the attachments are important, please read them carefully. We usually use Aus legal citation, so I will upload the instruction in attachments.
Thank you.
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