Choose an industry and be specific as possible as you apply the concept of \”Environment\” to such an industry.Reflection of management of organization

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We NEED good/better managers and leaders! We need thoughtful, productive, intelligent people to pursue management who have common sense and strong management skills as well as leadership skills. Since we are still counting on humans to do this work, it will continue to be a work in progress to groom good managers. You are next generation, or the current, to fill this tall order for society, your family, your country and the world. A most important role of a manager is to achieve desired organizational performance effectively and efficiently. There are basic skills required in order to do this as you discovered in Chapter 1. There is a clearly defined \”Management Process\” to do this which we will discuss in depth later. But, very importantly, it is the skills and talents required of the individual in order to accomplish this. However, it is up to the individual managers to be able to function within \”Environments\” which are often beyond their control. And, there are \”Environments\” which are unique to different industry sectors and types of organizations. Your discussion is to describe what is meant by these two statements. Be specific and think critically. Choose an industry and be specific as possible as you apply the concept of \”Environment\” to such an industry.
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