write on the topic Senior Seminar: The Crisis in European UnionMay 1 ,2016Senior thesis: Research ProposalTopic: Afro-Europeans: Black Brits and Blacks Frenchs

I need 15 pages done in MLA,European politics, format with regards to my attachment. In the work you will be required to write on the topic Senior Seminar: The Crisis in European UnionMay 1 ,2016Senior thesis: Research ProposalTopic: Afro-Europeans: Black Brits and Blacks FrenchsWhy this topic?I felt that this topic will be interesting because I can incorporated what I learned as Africana World Studies minor. It will be interesting to see how both state act towards the one race. Afro-European or Black Europeans are citizens, immigrants, mixed raced individuals of African descent.There Significant communities are found in France, Britain, and the Netherlands. It also it hard to collect data on black in french because Blacks in France are somewhat Invisible. Even though Blacks are everywhere walking the streets, restaurants, hotels, businesses.The reason I said this because it is illegal in France, to keep records of statistics based on religion, ethnic origin or race.Who are Black brits?Black British comprise 2.2% of the British population. They are predominantly of African(800,000) and Anglo-Caribbean roots. Britain has 1/3 of a million mixed race of Caribbean and white individuals.The growth among Afro-Caribbean population has been slow .9%.Black Britons view themselves as British first and black second. They can be found throughout Britain, with the greatest concentration in London.Who are Black french?French citizens who are black and reside in France, come from francophone Africa or the Caribbean, and South American departments.The French Republic holds that race does not exist. This perspective has made blacks invisible in the society. Because race does not exist, France does not collect data on race and ethnicity. It is estimated that 5-6 million blacks live in France, of which 3.5 million are of African roots. The majority of Afro-French were born in France.Questions to answered.when didblacks originate in the state?who political figure that pave the way for the race in the state?is there effective fight against racial discrimination.?what is the future for blacks in the state ? 

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