Write a report analyse an organisation (Russell and Bromley shoes)

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You are to write a report to analyse an organization of your choice. This could be either product or service based, and can be either a domestic or international organisation within any industry segment.
You are to conduct a Consumer Behaviour study of a range of products/services that this organisation offers. Essentially, what are the reasons people buy from this company and how can the company best position its offering.
You will need to utilize theory from the module based on chapters 1,3,4,5,6,7 and 9, and applied to the case you have chosen, including recommendations either positive or negative for the organization selected .
You will need to refer to a range of current buyer behaviour models and theory, including from the course text book, – Solomon M.,et al (2014) Consumer Behaviour, A European Perspective
Length-2500 words
Some possible Format ‘headings’

Although it is best not to be too prescriptive in giving a ‘pro forma’ that hinders your creativity, it is crucial that you include some headings rather than an essay type continuous piece of writing. The following are some you might like to consider although you could also combine some of these, and please use wording that feels most natural for yourself (i.e not just a copy of my wording).

Introduction-simply and briefly about the organisation and product/service represented

Shopping and purchase environment-how is this constructed for the consumer

Perception-to what extent are consumer perceptions, and perspectives of self, satisfied by the company

Motivation and values-in what ways does the company influence these motivations

Attitudes –how does the marketing communications aim to make these positive to their products

Decision making-in which ways does the company aim to focus this on their product/service

Conclusion-final summary of your analysis

Recommendations- for change/continuation of the consumer strategy for your chosen organisation

Bibliography- remember to include referencing in a bibliography and in the text of your report.
Mintel is about the best company/industry marketing research database resource there is.

Passport by Euromonitor is also good particularly at industry/country level

JSTOR and Emerald have the best marketing journals.

Business Source Premier can also be useful.
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