Discuss Career mobility patterns in California Community colleges: a case study

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Hello. Please utilize the 12 interviews attached to work on the results chapter. I have also attached the study for you which is chapters 1-3 so you can get an idea of what was written in the proposal. I have attached the dissertation checklist that you should follow to write chapter 4. It begins on page 31 and goes through page 35. Only pay attention to the area highlighted in pink for QUALITATIVE studies. My study is qualitative so we only need to address the qualitative directions in the checklist. You should follow the checklist in order as you develop the chapter to ensure each bullet point has been covered. I will fill in what you do not include. When you do the results section, restate the first research question and give the results. Then provide 2-3 quotes (they do not have to be long) from the participants that support the result that was stated.
Then restate the 2nd research question and follow the same process. I only have two research questions for the study and they are found on page 11 of the document that I uploaded for you. Send me an email with any questions at any time as I will be available. I want to produce the best product I can. Thanks so much!
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