Discuss,how does the image effect the emotions of the audience?

Fallacy Assignment:

First, please watch the following video: http://www.cc.com/video-clips/5wvrhx/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-even-stevphen—death-tax

Next, please identify as many fallacies as you can (a min. of 4) used in this argument. More specifically:
-Identify who offered the fallacy (Colbert or Correll)
-The name of the fallacy
-Any effects you felt the use of the fallacy had on the argument or the interaction
100 words

Analyzing a Persuasive Message via a Visual Message
Watch the video on strong response writing. Towards the end, the video offers you a billboard. Please address the following questions while considering that billboard.

1.How effective does the type, layout, color, and images contribute to getting the message across? Please be sure to be specific.
2.How much of the message relies on visual cues? Textual messages? Would it be the same if one werent present?
3.How effective is the image in supporting the main idea?
4.Does the entire billboard seem credible and ethical? How are you making this determination?
5.How does the image effect the emotions of the audience?
6.Why do you think the artist included the images they did?

120 words

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