Explain why is self-esteem important to the ability to think critically?

1. What struck you from the reading this week and why?
2. What is diversity and how does it enhance learning and education?
3. Why is self-esteem important to the ability to think critically?
4. Is it true that good critical thinkers adopt a collaborative rather than an adversarial stance, and if so, why would this be the case?
5. How important is it to develop a personal plan for the future?
6. What criteria (for example, experiences, talents, alumni status of parents) do you think should be used in College and University admissions? Working with your team please develop a list of relevant criteria and assign each criterion a point value (e.g. 10/100) based on how important each criterion is to the admissions decision.
7. In your team please discuss the following questions:
What Ethical system did Spock refer to when he told the Captain to leave him behind?
Do you agree with this system?
What other types of Ethical systems are there and can you describe the core tenets (ideas/philosophy) of each?
(Utilitarianism, Deontological, Restorative, Virtue.)

B – ThreadedDiscussion Interaction: (2%).
Please pick any one of the following topics and post a comment in Threaded Discussion #1 Found in the “Discussions Tab”. (1%)
Please also ensure that you respond in a meaningful way to at least two comments from your classmates. (1%)

1. Does diversity of age, ethnicity, religion, gender enrich the learning experience and assist in better critical thinking skills?
2. Does emotion enhance our ability to think critically?
3. I learned the following from the assigned Video Clip…..
4. What did you notice about Communication in the Video Clip Active Listening?
5. How powerful is non-verbal communication?
6. Why are literary devices important and can you give an example?

1. Please review the article: Analysis Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: not a coin toss yet -Trust the aggregate :http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/grenier-us-election-polls-1.3585782
Please discuss what type of literary device this is, and what it means. Why is this important to the reader of the article? How else woyuld you express the issue at hand? Is there another type of metaphor?

2. It is important to be aware of literary devices in life and in business because…?

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