Discuss what part of brain allows communication between the two hemispheres of the brain?

1-what is the body mass index (BMI, the ratio of weight to height of preschooler?

2-According to the text, What is the most common disease of young children in developed nations?

3-What would be another term for lateralization?

4-what contributes to the improvement of motor coordination in early childhood

5-which part of body is controlled by the left half of the brain

6-what are the benefits of the maturation of the prefrontal cortex that occurs from the ages of 2 to 6?

7-give an example of a gross motor skill.

8- According to sociocultural theory how do children learn gross motor skills?

9-what is the most common cause of death in childhood?

10- what is the major nutritional deficits in early childhood?

11-what is the \”just-right\” phenomenon?

12- what part of brain allows communication between the two hemispheres of the brain?

13-what is lateralization?

14-What is true about right-brained and left-brained?

15-which area is said to be the \” executive \” of the brain?

16-what is preservation and what is its opposite?

17- what are the effects of environmental hazards on child development?

18- what is meant by the notion of injury control?

19-what is piaget\'s term for cognitive development between the ages of about 2 and 6?

20-what best explains why a preoperational child would not be able to understand that cats can be both pets and wild animals?

21-what is centration?

22-what is conservation?

23-what is guided participation?

24-what is theory-theory?

25-what is theory of mind?

26-what is fast- mapping

27-what is the process by which children develop an interconnected set of categories for words?

28-what is over regularization?

29-what is piaget\'s second of four stages of cognitions?

30- which piagetian term literally means \”self centered\”?

31-which characteristic of preoperational thought involves a child assuming that the world is unchanging,alwaysin the state in which the child currently encounters it?

32-what has piaget been criticized for?

33-what is Vygotsky\'s approach to cognitive development?

34-what are some examples that havvev been shown to influence when a child exhibits a theory of mind?

35-what does emotional regulation refer to?

36-At what age children are less likely to throw temper tantrums?

37-what is externalizing problem and internalizing problem?

38-what type of play mimics aggression, but with no intent to harm?

39-how do parents encourage empathy?

40-which theory of gender differences focuses primary on children\'s understanding?

41-when do children learn how to express emotions ?

42-how do we call Erik Erickson\'s third developmental stage–the stage during which pride emerges?

43-what practice do peers provide?

45-what do socio dramatic play allows?

46-what is permissive parenting style?

47-whaht is empathy?

48-what is an example of antisocial behavior?

49-how do we call biological differences between males and females?

50-what is intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation?

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