Describes geographical setting of your chosen topic.

For your chosen topic write a report that:

1. Describes geographical setting of your chosen topic

2. Explains (but doesn’t implement) the field approach to investigating and mapping the chosen phenomenon

3. Identifies data sets and / or field equipment required for the investigation

4. Identifies health & safety issues that relate to this type of fieldwork

5. Identifies and present specific examples (from the literature) of potential research outputs e.g. GIS / Geomorphological maps

6. Evaluates probable policy / management implications of the research

The report should include the following:

Introduction (150 words)

Write a short introductory statement introducing the reader to the topic being investigated and its relevance to geographical study in the UK. The introduction should also identify a clear aim or purpose to the report.

Literature Review (700 words)

Write a literature review highlighting key texts that you have used in understanding and interpreting your chosen geographical topic. The review must be written in approved report format using good practice imparted in the Tutorials part of the unit.

Case studies (1000 words)

Introduce, describe and illustrate two case studies that reveal the geographical variety and the dynamic nature of your chosen topic.

Critical discussion (500 words)

With reference to the key ideas raised in your literature review and case study examples, provide a detailed interpretation of key geographical processes and an evaluation of key field data collection methods that could be employed in your chosen subject area.

Conclusions (150 words)

Write a short concluding paragraph that provides an overview of the main findings of your report together with a clear concluding statement.

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