Explain,How e-WoM Impact Consumer on Decision-making.

Please do British expression.

Dissertation Objective:
1. To test the extent how trust, perceived value, perceived risk confidence and attitude impact on intention of purchase in the context of word-of-mouth.
2. To tell are there any article about correlation between trust, perceived value, perceived risk, confidence and attitude under the influence of word-of-month.
3. To tell are there any article about the influence of word of mouth in the context of sport clothes (as the first choice), if there is no previous research about the word-of-mouth influence the intention of purchasing sport clothes or quite difficult to do the literature review, please advise more real product to help research the impact of word-of-month.
4. Please write different models of decision making which can help to analyse the process of decision making under the context of word-of-mouth.

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