Explain,what will the leadership tool actually “look” like and how does it work?

Remember that your project is to develop and present a process tool for measuring and strengthening ethical practices in organizational leadership in a Human Services organization. In your presentation, you are to apply your process tool to one area of leadership from the following list:

(I chose Culture)

By this point, you have already chosen your leadership area.

For this assignment, determine what elements to include in your presentation. Now it’s time to map out an outline for your PowerPoint presentation. For this assignment, work in a Word document. Your outline should include what you will cover on each slide and look similar to the following sample outline below:

Ethics in Organizational Leadership
(Your) One Area of Leadership: (Example) Structure

Chosen Leadership Area: Structure (as an example)
Slide 1: Definition of “ethically sound leadership structure”
Slide 2: Details of HS organization or department with an ethically sound structure.
Slide 3: Elements to measure (what needs to be measured in order to determine whether the structure of this organization is ethically sound?)
Slide 4: What will the leadership tool actually “look” like and how does it work?
Slide 5: Recommendations for change based on the outcome of the tool.
Slide 6: Three references from research.

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