Explain,what do the results of this experiment tell us about human nature?

Introduction to Criminal Justice, 13th Edition,
Author: Siegel, ISBN 9781133171201
Chapter 8 Assignment
(A short opinion paper)
Why are the Fourth Amendment rights among the most preciously protected by the courts?

Chapter 9 Assignment

Write a paper on the issues surrounding appeals.
Should the courts attempt to limit appeals? If so, what types of limits should be put in place and what types of cases should they apply to? How would this affect justice?

Chapter 14 Assignment
Today, nearly everyone is familiar with the concepts of prisons, reformatories, and jails. Institutional corrections have become so commonplace in the United States that many people take their existence for granted. Residential institutions, however, are a fairly recent historical phenomenon. Read about the origins of prisons at:
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)

After you have looked over this site, answer the questions below:
What form did the earliest correctional methods take?
What influence did Jeremy Bentham have on corrections in England?
Briefly discuss the views held by the Quakers which related to corrections.

Chapter 15 Assignment
The Stanford Prison Experiment is arguably one of the more famous psychological experiments of the past several decades. Discussed in most introductory psychology textbooks, this experiment evaluated the psychology of prison life. Though psychologists intended for the experiment to last two weeks, it had to be called off early, because the participants were beginning to show signs of depression and extreme stress.
Read more about this fascinating look at human psychology at: http://www.prisonexp.org/
(Links to an external site.)
When finished, answer the following questions:
How did the prisoners cope with their feelings of frustration and powerlessness?
What are the three types of guards that emerged? What characteristics did they display?
Why was the experiment brought to an abrupt and early end?
What do the results of this experiment tell us about real life prisons?
What do the results of this experiment tell us about human nature?

Chapter 16 Assignment
Michael Crowe was 14 years old when he was arrested and charged with the murder of his 12 year old sister. Police interrogated him over a 2 day period.
watch part of the interrogation at http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Michael-Crowes-False-Confession
(Links to an external site.)

Based on what they viewed, and after conducting their own independent research, have students compile a top ten list of procedures that must be followed by police officers when interrogating juveniles?

Chapter 17 Assignment
Write a persuasive paper (2 pg min) on whether prostitution should be legalized or continue to be criminalized in the United States

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