Explain and provide examples of how issues related to corporate governance, Ethics or Sustainability may affect the financial performance of a business.

Module Code: MGT 141 Coursework Code: 141 -1
Module Title: Introduction to Financial Management
Maximum Word Length:

3000 Words.  (This is maximum word length. It means that you can use less than 3000 words but not more than 3000 words. However, anything less than 2000 words is likely to compromise the quality of your essay)

Unless otherwise specified, the word count is for the main body of the text and ignores the reference list and appendices.  If you exceed the word length you will be penalized.  For details see the Management School Handbook.





Write three short essays on the three topics provided below. You are expected to write around 1000 words in each essay. The total word count for the three essays should not exceed 3000 words.

You need to provide references for each of the essay separately. It is expected that you refer sources obtained from your independent research and not limit yourself to references provided in the lectures.

  1. A large manufacturing firm producing industrial safety equipment (e.g. special gloves, goggles, hi-visibility clothes etc.)  is planning to expand into China both in terms of production and sales. What are the risks and advantages in financial terms from this strategy? Use the theories of international business that you are aware of to suggest a strategy for this business.                                                 (33 Marks)

Each question 1000 word and 5 references

  1. Corporate Governance, Ethics and Sustainability have become strategic issues for modern corporates. Explain and provide examples of how issues related to corporate governance, Ethics or Sustainability may affect the financial performance of a business.             (33 Marks)

Each question 1000 word and 5 references


  1. Refer to the theories of behavioural finance and comment how the behavioural aspects are important for an individual investor in investment decision making in addition to financial or market information. How such behaviour invalidates the assumption of ‘efficient markets’?                                                                                                                                                                                                         (34 Marks)

Each question 1000 word and 5 references


(for part 3 you may refer – MacGregor, D.G., P. Slovic, D. Dreman, and M. Berry, (2000) Imagery affect and Financial Judgement, Journal of Psychology and Financial Markets 1(2), 104-110




Assessment criteria







(3rd  class)


(2.2 )



70-79 %

(1st class)

80% and Above
Extent & quality of research & referencing


unreferenced weak research &/or referencing Some research but not adequate, poor referencing adequately researched & referenced well researched, adequate referencing extensively researched & well referenced Professional research, with input from both academic sources and real life
Quality of analysis


No analysis or discussion– only description Discussion based entirely on sources- no original comments. Discussion has some original comments from the author Original discussion and analysis covering the key points, but misses some aspects Original discussion that covers most of the key aspects of the essay Original discussion covering all key aspects of the essay written in a professional manner. Very relevant and critical discussion leading to new insights into key aspects of essay
Use of other referred sources in discussion


No additional sources referred Some additional sources referred References used but not in an organised and logical manner.  References lack relevance. References used in somewhat organised manner in the discussion. Somewhat relevant references. References are relevant but lacks in proper organisation in presentation. Use of relevant references and very well organised writing and presentation. Use of relevant references from a range of sources, professional style of writing and presentation
Standard of exposition & presentation


Writing is a mess & meaning unclear, does not follow standards of presentation provided. Unstructured or lack of clarity, somewhat follows standards of presentation provided. Somewhat structured, but poorly expressed, follows standards of presentation provided. adequately expressed & structured, follows presentation standards provided professionally expressed, , follows presentation standards provided Beautifully written, referenced and properly presented according to instructions provided. Professionally written with accurate grammar and presentation.


Referencing: you must reference your work correctly using the Harvard method.  References for each of the short essay needs to be provided separately. This means you will be providing references in three separate lists. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of marks and possible proceedings under the University’s Regulations as to the Use of Unfair Means
Independence of working:

You are reminded of the University’s Regulations on the Use of Unfair Means, which are outlined in the School’s Handbooks.  Should you be found to be in breach of them you will be subject to disciplinary procedure.



FONT: Calibri, Font size must be 11 point font.  You may use different font size and type for headings and cover page.

MARGINS:  Normal margins (2.5cm) must be used (top, bottom, left and right)

LINE SPACING: Line spacing must be 1.5 lines, with an extra line between paragraphs and headings.

ALIGNMENT:  Justified

Other matters:

Please refer the assessment criteria – This is the first time you are writing an academic essay and therefore HOW you write (extent and quality of research and referencing and standard of exposition and presentation) has equal weightage to WHAT you write (quality of analysis and use of other referred sources in discussion).

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