Explain,what variables were manipulated and measured?

Lab report part 2, APA from.
You only need to do the (Abstract, introduction, Discussion, reference) the-word limit is 1250 word excluding reference.

What Goes into the Introduction?

Explain why you have done your study and what expect to dine.
Start with broad statement give your report a general background/
After your extensive background readings.
o What theoretical frame work did they use?
o How id they investigate their research question?
o What did they found?
(don’t just blindly including everything you have read make sure they are relevant?

Introduce your specific study:
Why they study that im doing important?
Aim, why are you doing this study
Once that has been identified you te, em:
What I am expecting to find your ( hypotheses), more specific example( initial general statement, think about the lab report part1, what are-the issues being investigated.)

What has previous studies shown ?
This is also where you should start to motivate your hypotheses. E.g. to motivate your hypotheses on static vs dynamic conditions.


1.Replicate earlier findings by case vander burg: contextual flicker interferes with temporal, order judgment.
2. Determine whether there are difference temporal resolution along horizontal vertical, visual meridians,

be clear and specific, best if stated using IV & DVS presented in a if . Than frame
write in full sentences ( not bullet points)
there should be at least three hypotheses.
Context and Meridian interaction.

If temporal resolution is effected by the presence of flicker surrounding the target disk, then the JND for the dynamic condition will be higher then the JND for the static condition.

What goes into the Abstract?

as a rule of thumb, dedicate one or two sentences for each of the sections ( introduction, method, results, discussion)

Should answer the following questions:

1.What is the main question?
3.How was this tested? What was the task?
4.What variables were manipulated and measured?
5.What did you find?
6.What can conclude from these findings

What goes into the discussion?

If you imagine the introduction to be an upside-own triangle, the discussion should be have a triangular structure.

Four main parts
1.Summary of results: describe your main findings relevant to your hypotheses without reporting any stats.
State whether your hypotheses are supported.

Our results indicated that participant who listened to Iggy Azalea were more likely to feel like a bad ass relative to those who listened to Taylor swift, which supports our hypotheses.

2.Interpretation of results

3.Suggestions for future research:

Its a good habits to introduce ways to overcome the methodological issues if future studies.
What other questions might be raised from our results?
Perhaps we need to consider other factors.
The suggestion here can be theoretical or applied.

A summary of what was found and the take home message.
Best to keep it withing one paragraph-if its too long, you”re probably not summarizing the gist of the experiment.

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