Explain,what are your biggest concerns about preparing to transfer (your time at IVC)?

Questions are below so that you can easily paste them into your word document and not have to type them out (for your convenience).

1.) What is your educational goal (why are you in college) and what has led you to have this goal? 2.) If you are transferring to a University, what are the major factors you are looking for in your transfer institution (i.e. major choice, location, size)? 3.) Besides good grades, what will you be able to put on your transfer application to get you to stand out to other applicants (i.e. clubs, volunteer work, working while going to school)? 4.) What are some of the things that draw you to the university you are looking to transfer to? If you have not yet decided on a university you want to transfer to, what is the major factors hindering you from making the decision? 5.) What are your biggest concerns about preparing to transfer (your time at IVC)? 6.) What are your biggest concerns about being at a university once you transfer? 7.) How has this class helped you in your transfer planning process?

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