Discuss why that article is interesting to you and how it ties in with the material from that particular chapter.

This assignment is to be done individually. Each of
you are required to complete 4 article assignments (AA) and may choose any three different chapters
from the textbook. You will provide a two-page discussion of an article that pertains to the chapter
which we have/will soon cover. For example, in the ethics chapter, you should search and read
business press articles that pertain to ethics and social responsibility. You should break down your
analysis as follows:
(1) Half page summarizing the central theme of the article.
(2) One and a half pages discussing why that article is interesting to you and how it ties in with the
material from that particular chapter. You are required to cite a page number and section
title for material you refer to in the text. On the article itself you also must indicate the
page number from the textbook next to the related material. In this part of the write up I am looking for your insights, critique and ability to link real world situations to concepts and
ideas we learn from our text and in class.
You are expected to search through trade and business press articles. You are strongly encouraged
to search through the business article electronic databases available through the UT Library System.
You are encouraged also to seek help from the Library staff to conduct these electronic searches.
Examples of business publications that may be good sources for such articles are Fortune, Wall
Street Journal, Business Week etc. Please search for meaningful articles as opposed to short 1
column clips in newspapers.
Note that you are required to submit a full copy of the article (printed or photocopies are fine).
Please ensure you use a cover sheet with your full name and AA submission chapter (which chapter
it pertains to) and date. Staple your article with your two page write up and cover sheet. The write
up and cover sheet should be typed, double spaced, 1 inch margins and 12 point font.
Also, note that I will randomly select one or more submissions and request that the author verbally
present his/her article on the day of that class. This does NOT mean reading it verbatim. All
students are encouraged to ask questions or to make comments during their fellow students verbal

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