Discuss why is this new technology exciting.


Assessment Details
Course Code: LSC2183
Course Name: English for Specific Purposes
Course Teacher: Paul Roberts
Task Title: Final Presentation
Task Description: Describe New and Emerging Technology
Special Instructions: See project format attached
Weighting: 10%
Duration/Word Limit: 8-10 minutes


Due Date: Final Exam Week
Grading/Marking Criteria:

(to be determined by the teacher using the attached criteria matrix)

Your grade will be determined using the relevant criteria from the attached marking scheme
Late Penalty: All presentations files to be submitted before the start of the presentation unless special circumstances are agreed with the course teacher regarding late submission. Work after the start of the presentation will be considered at least 1 day late. Work submitted 1 working day late will be deducted 10%, 2 days late 20%, 3 days late 30% and any work submitted more than 3 days late will get a zero mark.
Academic Honesty: Breaches of Academic Honesty will be treated with the utmost seriousness. You are reminded the penalties for cheating or plagiarism include dismissal from the HCT.

(for more information please refer to Academic and Student Regulations, HCT Academic Honesty Policy, Student Handbook)


Contents of Presentation

This will require at least 11 slides although you can use more if appropriate.

Please remember to use a little text as possible and use images where appropriate. You are giving a presentation not a reading exercise!

  • Title page Title of Presentation, Name of Presenter and H number. Signed Academic Honesty statement
  • A Contents page
  • Introduction What is the new technology and what does it do?
  • Describe Technology
    • Brief history and versions
    • Key Features
  • What does it do?
    • Key Features
  • How can it impact society and the field of Computer Technology
    • Possible Uses
  • Conclusion
    • Why is this new technology exciting
  • Bibliography/reference list


0-3 4-5 6 7 8 9-10
Achievement that does not meet requirements Achievement that minimally meets the course requirements Top of Form

Achievement that satisfactorily meets the course requirementsBottom of Form

Achievement that is significantly above the course requirements Top of Form

Achievement that is outstanding relative to the course requirementsBottom of Form

Significantly below course requirements Below course requirements
1. Information 30%
Identification and investigation of a range of appropriate academic sources
Little or no information presented.


Information presented is insufficient or does not relate sufficiently to the task; significant information missing Minimal information has been gathered for the task or information is significantly inaccurate Adequate information has been gathered related to all areas. Information is generally accurate Comprehensive information has been gathered with possible occasional errors. Extensive independent and additional information, accurate with no mistakes. Obvious familiarity with the material,
2. Presentation tool 30%



Tool is wholly irrelevant and inappropriate medium for task/genre. Tool detracts from delivery.

Significant number of inconsistencies.

Tool contains irrelevancies and/or ambiguity. Lacks clarity but some organization is evident, contains mistakes. Good use of tool and it aids delivery but contains some inconsistencies.  Lacks clarity but organization is evident, contains mistakes. Tool aids delivery making message clear, easy to follow, few mistakes. Professional use of tool. Significantly enhances message. No mistakes
3. Spoken language  (Individual grade) 30%

Fluency and coherence,
Lexical resources,
Grammatical range and accuracy,

Below IELTS 5.0

Speaks very slowly with poorly linked ideas. Frequently unable to convey message.
Only simplest vocabulary and sentence structures attempted. Inaccuracies cause serious misunderstanding.
Pronunciation problems cause speech to be often unintelligible.


Speaks slowly using simple connectives but with pauses, repetitions and self-corrections. Some breakdown in communication.
Vocabulary limited to familiar topics and rare paraphrasing.
Sentence structures very limited in range and accuracy.


Usually maintains flow of speech but with some areas of disfluency.
Sufficient vocabulary to talk about topics but with limited flexibility and only occasional paraphrase.
Mostly accurate in simple sentences.


Usually maintains fluency, but with some correction, repetition or slower speech.

Reasonably wide range of vocabulary with some paraphrase.


Usually fluent and shows a range of discourse markers, topic vocabulary and paraphrase.

The range and control of simple and complex sentences and pronunciation features is reasonably accurate.

IELTS 7.0 or above      

Fluent, flexible and coherent in use of discourse markers, topic vocabulary, style and paraphrase.

Accurate and flexible use of complex sentences and pronunciation features.

4. Presentation length 10%
(Overall length and balance of sections)
Inappropriate use of time or inattention to time guidelines. Poor management of time. Minimally meets presentation length (over/under). Very imbalanced coverage of sections Some aspects of the presentation used time well, but more balanced time management is required. Good use of the allocated time. Excellent use of and management of time throughout the presentation.

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