Describe the problem you are interested in researching and why this is of interest to you.

In this course, each of you will be developing a research proposal. Our focus this week is to identify a problem specific to your role option that is amenable to an innovative solution.
Based on your specialty role Nurse Practitioner, identify a potential problem (topic) that you would like to investigate through nursing research. Begin by reading the American Association of Colleges of Nursings (AACN) position statement on nursing research (
Next conduct a search to locate a minimum of three nursing research articles that have addressed the problem you have identified. The literature may not be older than 5 years. After reading the literature respond to the following:
1.Note your role specialization and briefly describe the problem you are interested in researching and why this is of interest to you.
2.Briefly summarize the literature you reviewed. Focus your discussion on the problem and how the literature you identified provides evidence of the existence of the problem.
3.Include in your discussion a potential innovation that you might consider as a solution to the problem identified.
4.Include citations/references in APA style format, using citations where appropriate.

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