Explain the common elements of near-death experiences.


Study Guides for Exam III.

Please do not write more than 6 sentences for each question.

  1. Define how Confucian tradition imagines life after death. B. How Confucian funeral and memorial services present the soul’s whereabouts? C. Briefly describe mourning practice after parents’ death within the Confucian tradition.
  1. A. Define Chinese (nonConfucian) imagination of life after death. B. How material objects used in Chinese (Daoist) funeral rituals present the imagination of life after death? (Take examples of material objects.)
  1. A. Briefly explain the politics of disappearance took place in Argentina. B. Explain religious background that the care of the human remains conveys cultural significance in Argentina.  C. Explain why the politics of disappearance was adopted by the government as effective tool for controlling people.
  1. A. Explain who performed defamation of corpses during the Spanish Revolution. B. Explain how defamation of corpses took place. C. Explain why defamation of corpses was particularly efficient to deliver political messages in Spain during this time.
  1. A. Explain why Gettysburg has become an important site for studying ghosts. B. Explain how (amateur) researchers in Gettysburg witnessed the appearance of ghosts.
  1. A. Explain the common elements of near-death experiences. B. Describe how people recollect their feeling during the experiences. C. State briefly how such experiences influence their life after resuscitation.

For Q 7: https://youtu.be/VU6O91GHrzY


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