Analyse and evaluate the latest efforts in geography and the social sciences to make sense of the international boundaries.

(David Newman and Aansi Paasi article is the most important one – other ones are essential)

Below is further instruction/aim from professor:

We’ve seen in recent decades the rise of what we might call critical border studies and geographers. We have seen the development of certain new approaches from the articles of Aansi Paasi. He started writing about this 20 years ago and more recent apexs anthologies and critical companions to critical border studies and stuff that hung around it. Border studies are now recognized as a sort off branch of the way we look at boundaries and borders. The question wants you to try and make sense out of what geography has done recently to make sense of borders and borderline. It is essentially comparing what has been done traditionally. I mean there are many companions the way border studies is going, it is encountering more process but there are some criticisms that it is not doing certain things in which it should be engaged. So again this could be a sort of question try to make sense what has been happening in this geography.

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