Explain,who are your readers and what do they want from your document?


In response to recent business expansion internationally, the management of Blueview Inc., a medium sized manufacturing electronics circuit boards company based in New York, is interested in having its own manufacturing division in the Southwest of the United States. The two states that they are interested in are California and Texas. However, due to the recent economic downturn, they are concerned about the employment figures in both states. Therefore, they would like you to investigate the states’ employment rates over the past 10 years and advise them which state has a better prospect for investment.


The official website to check on the employment rate is www.bls.gov/eag/home.htm. You need to select the appropriate states and look at the Back Data for Manufacturing. The period we need to write a report on is between 2006 and 2015, January data only. Your report should include:

 Calculation of simple indices for the employment rates in California and Texas using year 1 as the base period. Provide the results to two decimal places.

 Accompany the indices with appropriate graphs.

 Calculate a chain index for the employment in both states. Provide the results to two decimal places.

 Comment on what these indices represent about recent changes in the economy of both states. What are the significant changes?

 Based on your results, discuss which is the better state for Blueview Inc. to invest in.


Hint: Plan your report; if necessary outline what you will say. Respond to the task fully. Before writing, analyze the context of the assignment by considering the requirements of the report and address the following questions:

 What is the purpose of the document to be written?

 What result do you hope to achieve by writing it?

 Who are your readers and what do they want from your document?

 What method of organization is most useful?


Assessment Measures:

Be specific and give justification. Commonplaces and clichés should not be used. Give clear and well-illustrated reasons with supportive evidence. Arrange your argument/narrative logically and coherently.

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