Discuss Visual Expressions in Society.

(You don’t have to go to Museums don’t have to take a photo Just download a photo from online and basically you can write anything) (such as sculpture, painting from Renaissance art, Modernism, African Art, American Modernism, Asian Art)

Your papers are opportunities to visit Museums and expand the critical skills learned in your weekly assignments by applying these skills to actual artwork. These are not research-“laden” papers, however. Rather, your papers should be approached as exercises in looking, describing, and critiquing art. I do not ask that you provide references in your work. Your eyes supply the “facts.” These papers should be approached as exercises in looking, describing, and critiquing art. While you may use references (if you so choose), the main point of museum papers is that you display the ability to write competently about visual art: Visual literacy. And to do this properly, you will need to understand how to interpret the formal qualities and context(s) of a work of art. Therefore, a thorough visual analysis (your understanding of form, color, line, etc.) is an important aspect of these papers.

Each paper should be no less than four pages in length. What’s more, each paper will require a visit to an area museum,such as Metropolitan Museum. I also ask that you take a picture of the works in question and add the photos at the end of the finished paper on separate sheets of paper.

1. Does your paper have the proper heading?
2. This your thesis clearly stated?
3. Do your paragraphs start with clear topic sentences?
4. Does each paragraph contribute to your general argument?
5. Have you used enough art terminology in your descriptions?
Does your conclusion sum-up your thoughts in a concise manner

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