Discuss suggestions for improving the efficiency of the swale.

Summary of key points

The minister for environment highlighted some key roles that every stakeholder in the storm water management should play to enhance environmental safety and reduced infections related to interaction with contaminated water. The minister pointed out that people need to be informed about the importance of maintaining a clean environment. The speaker further added that the government should work with the private sector in ensuring that the drainage systems in urban areas are kept in good condition to avoid accumulation of toxic materials that are drained to the surface water bodies through storm water runoff during high downpours of ice/snow and rain. In essence, it is the responsibility of every resident to ensure that the environment is kept safe and conducive for peace coexistence between fauna and flora. People should learn to do the right things without being forced by the authorities so that effective pollution management strategies can be implemented.

Suggestions for improving the efficiency of the swale

A swale can be an excellent tool for controlling storm water pollution if designed appropriately (Field, 2006). To ensure that sufficient water is harvested, the swale should be extended from 900ft to about 1200ft to make sure that almost all pollutants are filtered off the running water. In addition, the upstream end should be downsized by a few centimeters to ensure that the swale captures as much water as possible. The downstream should be made a little bit slant by lowering the ground level to about 500ft to ensure that water flows smoothly from the upstream along the sway to the designated collection point.



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