Explain,what rights should United States citizens give up in order to fight terrorism.

answer the below questions regarding to Terrorism. Please when you answer the questions just number the question for (1- ….. and then answer without writing the questions). Also, try to answer each one in 2 short paragraphs.

*No resources needed. And No need for essay format like intro, bodies, or a conclusion . just answer the questions directly.

1. Name and explain three basic tenants of the current United States policy regarding combating terrorism.

2.Name three Imperialist countries that have been responsible for creating current day terrorist groups? Explain the reasons why these countries have responsibility. *(DO NOT USE SAUDI ARABIA AS AN EXAMPLE FOR THIS QUESTION)

3.Identify three reasons why Israel has been the target for other countries and groups in the Middle East. Are the reasons valid?

4.Identify five practical strategies for fighting terrorism?

5. Name three Bill of Rights issues that arise when combating terrorism. What rights should United States citizens give up in order to fight terrorism.

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